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The inaugural Nerpa Seal of Approval.

What is this seal of approval? Well aside from being yet another seal based pun, as well as a sweet line of the most funky bloody fresh swag ever put to fabric, head on over to the shop after you read this article and sort your style out for one.

Shameless plug done, we can explain what this Seal of Approval is. It’s going to be given every bulletin to a product, company, person, group, or cause who are doing or making something genuinely cool, for the right reasons. It’s meant to highlight that there are good things happening out there and you should consider helping out people who are doing their bit to help the world.

This Bulletin’s and the first Nerpa Seal of Approval goes to (hip-hop klaxons sound out)...

...The Gomi Portable Speaker!

Oh yeah cool, just a little Bluetooth speaker… NO!

This sick piece of tech not only pumps up the jam in the most jam pumping of ways but has some rock-solid sustainability credentials to boot. The shell and the exterior of the speaker is made from 100 recycled plastic bags, you can pair two of the buggers up for that sweet stereo experience, it looks too cool for bloody school and best of all… It’s powered by repurposed e-bike batteries. 2nd life batteries as they’re otherwise known is basically the recycling of the battery world. Once a battery cannot be used for its original purpose; in a car, or bike for example. A 2nd use is found for it so that it doesn’t go into a landfill. 2nd life batteries are something we’re really excited about and to read about new developments in the area, and as we move to a circular and more battery dependent society, these types of innovations will become more and more common.

We doff our caps to you Gomi, you good people have the Nerpa Seal of Approval. Follow the link to check out the amazing work Gomi are doing.

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