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Holy Roller

Another bit of news about electric vehicles in one bulletin. And you thought all we talked about was making wood see through and how mushrooms can save humanity. I need to start this by saying this is very likely a bit bullshit but it involves the Pope and Fisker electric so you probably wouldn’t believe it even if it actually happened.

The owner of Fisker electric, Henrik Fisker (a bit of an ego to name our car company after yourself Mr Fisker don’t you think?) has made a lot of pretty wild claims in the past; revolutionary new battery tech with 500 miles of range with one-minute charging being one of them.

His latest claim came after a private audience with the Pope, in which he showed his Holiness a drawing of a concept e-Popemobile. Regardless of what you think of the Catholic Church, and they rightly come in for a lot of criticism for a lot of things...Pope Francis seems like a decent person, who genuinely cares about the environment and its effect and the poorest communities across the world. The Pope rolling around like an absolute boss in his e-whip, soaking the crowds with a holy water pistol and making it rain communion crackers is a tantalising thought.

Click the link here to learn more.

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