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BREAKING: Dutch aquarium harness the power of electric eels

Those mad dutch are up to it again! Some smart boffins from the University of Rotterdam have found a novel way to cut down their energy bills by harnessing the power of electric eels!

They have discovered it's possible to harness natural electric charge given out by the eels when hunting for prey in the wild, and convert it into storable and usable energy.

Professor Jurgen De Fris, Senior lecturer in Marine Technologies told us 'we couldn't believe it! It happened one day when I was holding my phone next to the eel tank, and it started charging. So we designed and built around their tank an inverter similar, to wireless chargers that a lot of people use at home to try and capture this free electricity.' And it seems that eels produce a surprising amount of energy, Professor De Fris explained: ' We're talking enough to power a small television, I wouldn't be surprised if in 10 years time every household has a couple of eels in the kitchen powering their devices'.

We're not sure how we feel about the ethics of keeping eels at home and stealing their natural electricity, but for this unexpected break-through in science we're going to give it a temporary S-eel of approval!

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