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Inequality in tackling the climate crisis

Even though the new less orange president of the US has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and committed to some pretty half decent environmental targets. The richer nations are still not doing enough to make sure that taking on climate emergency is something that all nations should be involved with. In short. Wealthier nations are not giving enough support, money, technology and know how, for all countries to transition to a green, less carbon dependent society. As with many things, especially recently as seen with the covid-19 vaccine roll out, the rich kids in school are not sharing their toys. Global actions is clearly needed to help fight the worst effects of climate change and it’s time that global leaders (let’s be honest, white, western leaders) pull their collective fingers out, roll up their fancy pants sleeves and start realising that unless we’re all in this together. To learn more about how we’re failing the rest of the world click here.

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