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Brazil’s Big Bastard Bolsonaro continues to bugger up the rainforest.

Let’s not beat around the bush, he’s an absolute piece of shit. Racist, homophobe, just all round horrible person. And unsurprisingly we can add liar to this list of attributes. Just a couple of days after he promised to increase spending to protect the Amazon rainforest and tackle the rampant deforestation that is taking place, he cuts the budget of the ministry of environment by almost a third! For reference 200,000 acres of land each day, that’s the size of Austin, Texas, being torn down each day to make way for cattle ranches or soybean plantations.

Deforestation in the Amazon is already at a 12 year high and this government has done absolutely nothing to prevent it, it is not a surprise to anyone that Bolsonaro is backed by some of the largest agricultural interests in the country. Just big old walking turd that man is.

Read more about how horrible a person he is here.

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