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Smack that!

Afghanistan, let’s not beat about the bush, it’s not got an amazing reputation, but 20 years of the US and its coalition of countries waging war and occupying the place will do that to a country. Another thing that the country is famous for, aside from the Taliban is being one of the largest producers of opium poppies in the world. Opium poppies give us that favourite of trainspotting drugs, heroin.

But Nerpa travel isn’t about smack, unless we’ve radically changed direction, we’re all about renewable energy and sustainability. Well, dear friends, it is at this point that Nerpa and heroin collide. Some clever farmers in Afghanistan have realised that they can use their off-grid solar power capabilities to boost their poppy crops.

According to Richard Brittan, a former British soldier who specializes in complex environments (aka danger zones) the process is very simple;

"Farmers need only drill down approximately 325 feet to where they find water, place an electric pump in the hole and attach the pump to a few solar panels, then start filling a reservoir with water to irrigate their poppy fields. Brittan’s team had counted more than 67,000 solar arrays in the Helmand valley, the area that produces approximately two-thirds of the world’s opium supply."

Read more about these crafty Afghan farmers here.

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