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Is battery sharing the future of E-bikes?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Photo Honda Powersports

The biggest players in the world of motorcycles have agreed to move forward on creating a ‘swappable batteries consortium’ the goal of which would be to make a standardised battery for e-bikes and scooters. We at Nerpa think this is a brilliant idea and gives an interesting new perspective on how we will be integrating e-vehicles into our lives.

Waiting for things to charge is a right pain in the nipples, so pulling up to a swapping station, dropping off the discharged battery and plugging a freshly fully juiced up power unit into the bike seems like the most straightforwardly sensible idea imaginable.

Whilst it is unlikely that we’ll get to a point where this becomes possible for electric cars, the smaller size of the power units in motorcycles and scooters, as well as the shorter range requirements for the vehicles make them a perfect candidate for such a project. By standardising the dimensions and connector type in the battery tech as well as effectively pooling the R & D that goes into batteries, it makes the creation of a wide and usable network of swapping stations a real possibility.

Check out’s article for more info.

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