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Seal of Approval #3

It’s that time of the bulletin. This week's Nerpa Seal of Approval. After highlighting some amazing products and projects the last couple of weeks it’s about bloody time we shone a light on people doing great things.

So, drum rolls and trumpets please. This edition’s Nerpa Seal of Approval goes to…

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the Eco Dude earlier this week (teaser for a longer interview coming very soon), to find out what he’s all about, what drives him, and in which direction he’s steering the good ship Eco Dude.

What started in 2020 as one man's projects to rid himself of plastic, in his own words ‘[this year] the eco journey continues as I become a vegetarian and buy no new clothes.’

We’re not going to give too many spoilers on what the Eco Dude has been up to, otherwise, why would you bother reading the interview? Leave them wanting more - classic!

But The Eco Dude (or his civilian name - Brad) noticed a distinct lack of a male presence in the world of eco-living and has been forging a path for all dudes (and dudettes) showing us all that a sustainable life doesn’t have to be all soft and fluffy and that there are figuratively bucket loads of small changes we can make in our day to day lives to start making the world a better, healthier and all-round nicer place.

The Dude abides.

Check out his amazing Instagram page

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