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Retro pickup vibes

We’re not a car review show, we don’t have slightly high waisted xenophobic views, or punching our producers in the mouth and getting our show cancelled. Clarkson, we’re talking about Clarkson. But at Nerpa we do appreciate some retro hipster cool e-vehicles when we see them. Alpha motors, with it’s Wolf electric pickup concept really gets us hot and bothered. Firstly can we just accept that calling a car Wolf, especially when it’s a pickup is an inherently brilliant name. And for two, look at the thing. It’s like the 1960’s, Jurassic Park and Tron had a threeway baby. Alpha plans to offer the Wolf+ with single-motor rear-wheel drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrains, and 75-kilowatt-hour to 84-kwh battery packs. Maximum range is estimated at 275 miles, matching the highest range estimated for the standard Wolf. But enough of the boring stats, just drool over it for a few minutes.

Check out greencarreports article here for more information.

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