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The power of a wave!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

It’s the ultimate e-vehicle flex, charging and running your car or bike on completely green and renewable power. No squashed prehistoric fishes are needed to even create the volts needed to get you around town.

Cars on the island of Yell, located in the Shetland Islands in Scotland’s northernmost region, can now be fueled entirely by tidal energy from Nova Innovation’s tidal turbines. Tidal turbines are a cracking alternative in areas where the type of person complains about seeing windmills (I.e. progress) out of their windows. And the UK is in a perfect location to make the most out of Poseidon’s tidal bois. It’s got the second biggest bloody tides in the world, after the Bay of Faundy in Canada.

The tidal turbines have been powering the community on the Island for a few years now and have recently been hooked up to a new e-vehicle charging point. Don’t crack open the fancy wine just yet though, this is on a very small scale and whilst tidal energy has amazing potential in the UK we’re still a long way off making the most out of those wavy bastards.

Read all about it here.

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