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Not the bees!!!

Everyone’s bumbling little winged friends, makers of delicious honey, and just general little cuties. They’re dying out. Along with loads of other insects that are so important to pollinating crops and making sure we have delicious fruit and veg. Did you know that around 35% of global food crops rely on these insects in one way or another? So anything that can keep these little critters buzzing around and doing their jobs is worth celebrating. Well some science nerds from Lancaster Uni, with a little bit of help from Reading university have looked into how solar farms can help to encourage pollinators to flourish. Solar power farm are becoming an increasingly common sight as we move to greater and greater levels of renewable energy.

The largest proposed solar farm in the UK for example has the potential to power 91,000 homes! And while it’s not always the case that these farms help our pollinators, the type of land they are built on can make a difference. In the UK most solar farms are built on land previously used in growing one or a small number of crops. By replacing these with solar panels and allowing the soil and natural biodiversity to return, these can be a great place for pollinators to live, thrive and flourish!

Click the link and read more about the study here.

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