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Nerpa 'Seal of Approval' #2

It's the time you've all been waiting for, who has had bestowed upon them the high honour of receiving the Nerpa seal of approval? It's going to he hard to top the Gomi speaker from a couple of weeks ago but yet we've done it!! This bulletins seal of approval goes to the Cake Kalk AP.

"What the fudge is that?" You're asking yourselves. Well, Cake make some of the fanciest, most stylish and desirable sweet ass electric motorcycles in existence and the Kalk is their super hardcore off road xc slaying machine. What makes the AP special is it's purpose. AP stands for anti poaching, this special edition Kalk is produced in partnership with the South African wildlife college on the project. Each of the bikes comes with its own solar charging mini station which allows for rapid recharging when out in the bush, not that kind of bush you filthy buggers. These bikes will not only help rangers fight poaching activities but because they're electric and basically silent, it allows the rangers a better chance to sneak up and nab those utter dickhead wildlife poachers.

Also can we just agree it looks the absolute tits! And does a great amount of good, so Cake we salute you.

Check out the Cake website for more info.

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