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316 the number of the Bees

Yes. Another one about bees. But bees are fucking cool. And super important so get this in your eyes.

Utrecht, one of the cities in the Netherlands which isn’t Amsterdam, has just added green roofs to the bus stops on route 316.

Let’s nip this one in the bud before you think that by my poorly disguised references I was talking about dat chronic. I’m not, and your parents are probably ashamed of you. The roofs are mainly packed with Sedum Plants (hadn’t heard of them either).

What’s great is that not only do they look dope (last one) suck up nasty Co2 and poop out oxygen. They also stop some of the excess rainwater from going down the drains. But best of all, these little mini meadows have become havens for honey bees and bumblebees upping the local biodiversity and pollination of all the plants.

Learn more here.

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