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We are Nerpa

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What's all this then?


Nerpa are setting out on the mission to electrify travel and adventure.  Creating sustainable, ecologically responsible and beneficial events and projects all over the world.  We’ll also be bringing you the freshest news and updates from the world of sustainability, if it’s good for the planet, you’ll hear about it from us.  


Why must you do this?


Travel doesn’t have to mean wrecking the place, and the benefits shouldn’t just go to some faceless company in some boring office building.  Nerpa events will directly benefit the local communities and areas in which they happen, bringing actual change rather than just mountains of rubbish.  

Electric travel is more than just shitty segway tours and scooters, and we’re going to be pushing the boundaries of what’s capable and probably sensible when it comes to EV adventures.  Because getting off the beaten track doesn’t have to involve farting out all the CO2s and making Greta Thunberg sad.  
















Who the hell are you?


Kev and Tom have spent years organising ridiculous adventures in almost all the corners of the globe but thanks to our new infectious friend that fucked it all up, we've altered our course. Once it all simmers down, we’re not so poised and ready to push adventure travel into the 21st century. We thought “it might as well be us” and at that moment our Nerpa baby was born. 


*And this, THIS, is a nerpa. A wonderfully chubby seal friend found on the shores of Lake Baikal

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